RE/MAX Commonwealth Testimonials

So glad we used Brian in our endeavor- great all around guy.

Barbara & Bob White

Ken was an amazing example of an awesome real estate service provider, Simply the best!

Deborah Balch

We chose Patricia for her excellent skills and we just loved her from our first purchase.

She is experienced, knowledgeable and friendly- awesome!

Melody Cola

I don't think Norris could be any more positive!

He treats you like a longtime best friend!

David N. Preddy

Sandy is awesome.

She has known my family for years, has helped them and been excellent. She always has a smile on her face. She's a shooting star that shines bright, always ready to help and listen to your concerns.

Lacey Swift

Ken is up front, knowledgeable and very helpful- he gave me quality people to fix the repairs I needed done.

He did an outstanding job. Honest, reliable, and wasted no time getting house marketed in multiple media outlets. Top notch!

Karen Springer

Warren Jessup is a great guy to work with!

Lisa Stewart

Lacey took the time to listen to our unusual circumstances and immediately jumped in to accept a challenging sale.

We talked for some time, literally years, before things were finally in our favor. She was extremely patient! She is honest, straightforward, caring and engaged.

Tiffany & John Smithson

Sandy is amazing, knowledgeable and easy to work with.

She's fantastic, truly great, and passionate for what she does.

Katie & Tim Will

When we called RE/MAX on a Sunday to ask if we could see the house quickly because I was leaving town, Brian took the call and was very prompt in showing it to us.

He was very professional!

Sandra B. Haynie

Tammy was a godsend.

Not only did she walk us through the home buying process step by step (this is our first house), she also went to bat for us when it came to negotiations. Tammy also made herself available in order for us to close as quickly as possible; she even sent us updates when she was on vacation! Ultimately, we felt that she wanted what was best for our family and did everything in her power to insure we'd purchase the "right" house. If possible, we plan on calling Tammy Defazio whenever we decide to move in the future!

Tammy was an absolute blessing!

She was very attentive to our needs as first time buyers. She went over the whole process in detail and answered all of our questions thoroughly. She was always readily accessible by phone, text, or email. She even made it a point to contact daily us while she was on her family vacation as it coincided with our contract ratification! She was not just helpful and attentive, but she showed how much she actually cared about us when she would demand better service from some of the other parties that we worked with. She was always professional but she was stern when she felt as though we were being wronged or taken advantage of. Meeting and working with Tammy was one of the best parts of this whole process, besides finding our first home. I would highly recommend Tammy to anyone in the Richmond VA area looking for realtor needs. We will definitely be in contact with her when we are ready to move again, thank you so much Tammy!

Within one month Tammy had me in my dream home and wooded 6 acres lot, no hassles and always willing to help at anything she could possibly do.

I highly recommend Tammy for all other home buyers.

We started our journey with her the end of February 2016, it was well indeed a long and stressful time period but in the end we are so happy to say we found our dream home and closed in April 2017 thanks to Tammy DeFazio.

Tammy was nothing but a delight to work with, any questions we had she answered them or if she wasn't sure she found the answer.

Tammy was there at any hour, any day and any place that we may of needed to talk or even met and discuss our home choices and decisions. Us going into the home buying process as first time home buyers we weren't very familiar with how it worked or what would take place, but Tammy made sure to keep us informed every step of the way and reassure us each day that the perfect house was waiting for us.

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